One Energy was founded to make on-site wind available for business and industry.

Provide Solutions

Until recently, on-site generation wind projects were not possible for large commercial and industrial electricity consumers. One Energy developed proprietary assessment tools, solved the technical issues, and leveraged our big wind relationships to make wind possible for our industrial and commercial customers.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to make on-site generation wind projects hassle free and profitable for large electricity consumers.

A New Standard

A new standard in distributed generation wind
One Energy is unique to the current wind industry. We are engineers, we are experimenters, we are financiers, we are developers, we are communicators, we are contractors, we are resellers, we are researchers, but far more fundamentally, we are integrators.  We combine the necessary skills, expertise, and services to make some of the most advanced technology in the world available to businesses, and we do it in a manner unlike anything the industry has seen before.

We believe in making wind simple. We also make this promise to all of our customers:

Safety and quality are always first
We set the highest standards possible for safety and quality. We enable our employees, customers, and suppliers to live up to them and then hold them accountable. We have a written safety plan and make sure everyone who works for us understands and follows it. We make sure we have the best training possible. We never compromise on quality. The customer is making a 20 year investment. Our quality has to be beyond reproach. There are going to be mistakes, but they need to be corrected and openly acknowledged and used as a learning tool so we are constantly improving.

Be professors, Not salesmen
Salesmen sell a product. We conduct ourselves as professors who teach the customer about wind energy and offer them objective, verifiable information. If wind energy is right in a particular location, it will sell itself. We give customers the whole truth and separate opinions from verifiable facts and standards.

Make our customers smarter than the competition’s experts
When we talk to our customers, the goal is to provide all information in a manner that helps customers understand it well enough to make an educated decision about wind energy. Our customers should be so confident in the reasoning and facts behind their decision, they cannot be tricked or manipulated by the “expert salesmen” of our competitors. Our customers should expect and demand a high standard and we encourage our customers to talk to our competition. As long as we continue to set a new standard in the industry, our customers will talk to the competition and then return, confident that they are making the right decision.

Work with manufacturers to give our customers the best products possible
Our loyalty is to our customers and the industry, not to the manufacturers. We challenge our suppliers to deliver the best product possible. If they can’t, we find a new supplier. The suppliers who are setting high safety, quality, and performance standards will welcome this challenge. We constantly work with manufacturers to improve their product, so we are always providing better options to our customers. We also understand there is not a one-size-fits-all turbine and the manufacturer of the best 1.5 MW turbine may not have the best 2.5 MW turbine.

Make wind hassle free
The largest obstacle for companies who want to pursue on-site generation wind energy for their facility is that all of the grants, regulations, permitting, interconnect agreements, contracts, and other issues make the project more of a hassle than it is worth. We offer true one-stop solutions for our customers. We handle all of the paperwork and remove all of the hassle so all our customers have to do is decide if the project works for them based on their goals and then tell us to make it happen. Our customers have enough to do already; we will take care of all the steps to complete their wind project.

Be available and be honest
Our customers are busy people involved in many different types of industries. They may not have time to talk about the project from 9-5, Monday through Friday. We need to be available early mornings, late evenings, and weekends. When our customers have the time to talk with us, we will make the time to talk with them. Our customers shouldn’t hesitate to call us at 7 pm on a Saturday. We give our customers the respect of being honest. Sometimes the truth may not be the answer they want to hear, but it is always what they deserve to hear.

Charge a fair price and get paid for our work
This industry is riddled with companies making ridiculous profits at the expense of their customers. Maybe it is because they are only doing one or two projects a year or maybe it is because they are greedy. It doesn’t matter, because we will not do that. Yes, we are in this business to make money. In most cases we make money on both the sale of the turbine and the installation. We wouldn’t be providing our services if we weren’t making money. That being said, we will do enough installations in a year that this is not a short-term game for us. If we price-gouge on one project, we are hurting our long-term profitability because we are hurting the industry. Depending on the risk and specifics of the project, our margins will vary, but they will always be fair. Because we charge a fair price, we expect to be paid in a timely manner for our work. When the customer owes us a payment, we expect to get it. If we provide leniency in this arena, then we are not being fair to our other customers.

Make decisions for the long term
It is easy to make money today. We could lie, cheat, manipulate, sell a substandard product, or hide a defect. That is not what we are about. We are here to help companies better manage their business by controlling the cost of energy. We are here to help businesses use utility-scale wind turbines to become more competitive and enable flexibility to focus on long-term goals. We measure every decision based on what will be best for the long-term future of the customer and the industry.

Never settle for the industry standard
The first reality is that there is no industry standard. Everyone in the utility-scale wind industry is trying to do things their own way and everyone has their own “truths” about the way things should be done. There are very few published standards for Retail Wind Turbines and most of them were written by people with a financial interest in them being written a certain way. Yes, one should read the standards — but treat them as minimums. We need to deliver a product that will stand up to commercial standards where millions of dollars are at stake. We need to deliver a product that in itself becomes a standard.

Challenge everything
We don’t just think outside the box, we think outside the room the box is in. When someone tells us something, we challenge it. When someone quotes a standard, we ask to see it. When someone tells us something can’t be done, we don’t accept it. We expect our customers to do the same with us. The only way our customers can truly understand the difference between us and the competition is to challenge both us and them.

Download a printable PDF version of One Energy’s New Standard in Distributed Generation Wind (our promise to our customers).

Safety And Quality

Wind energy can significantly advance the way your company manages the cost of electricity. When you put wind to work for you, the financial benefits can be staggering; however, profitable results are only possible when safety and quality come first.

One Energy sets the highest standards possible for safety and quality to ensure the success of every project. From the technology we select, to the services our staff and partners provide, our standards must be beyond reproach. Our commitment to safety and quality extends well beyond our written plans and extensive training — we consider safety and quality to be fundamental principles of our company.

One Energy projects have yet to experience a single recordable or lost-time accident.

We believe that safety is not a competition, and to prove that, we are making our entire safety program available here, for use by others. Please feel free to use the One Energy Safety Plan and please share any suggestions you have with us so we can all be safer.